The Peaceful inhabitants of Sallia have seen more torture and war in the previous generation than any other country. after the decimation of their people, the pacifist Sallians became refugees in their own land. the waste lands of Sallia now hold nothing but ash and death. Their people have become known as the "vagabonds of the ’sphere’’ because over half the population immigrated to other Islands and asteroids.

Many went to Sky City to find work or help and never left. Those who remained, eke out a meager existence in the wastes of Sallia. what was once lush planes and clear lakes now barely supports plant life due to the heavy Magic blighting of the soil. Magic Storms hit the Island about once a year, devastating it even more. Both Magic and Technology are unreliable in Sallia, technology sometimes refuses to work and magic is worse, the effects of any magic being used are generally disastorous.
Sallia lacks major exports,an army and anything that might be considered useful by other countries.

Sallia is part of The Central Alliance.



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