Spain barcelona la sagrada spiresRuled by Regent Zovin Krotange

The Country of Pelo is a country rich in economic power and social trade.
the primary religion is the worship of Iomedae. A smaller portion of the population are followers of Desna. The Peloins who move in the upper hierarchies of these relegions call themselves Desnae and Iomin respectively.
The Peoples of Pelo tend toward olive skin and dark hair.
Their culture holds a loose social aristocracy.
Pelo is also home to the Needle Basilica. (so called because this massive cathedral is shaped like a Compass Needle, The Northern tip, Towering 452 meters into the air and the tower continues into the ground and juts out the underside of the Continent like the sharpened southern needle 633 meters.)
The population is mostly Humans,Elves,Half Elves and the Occasional dwarf.
Climate: Northern Pelo is characterized by dry and warm springs and summers.
Southern Pelo is given to a more arid climate.
During the early years of the age of Reason, the Empire was ruled by two opposing priest kings,The Priests Herux of the Iomin and Benmor of the Desnae condemned hundreds to death in a series of witch hunts that threw the country into a civil war, the Citizens rose up against the Priest Kings and deposed them. An ancient royal bloodline was restored to the throne and the country began the long journey of rebuilding, But the invasion of Sallia by the Empire of Night united the wounded factions long enough to try and assist their allies in the war effort.

Pelo is part of The Central Alliance



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