Hridt Heldanson


Name: Hridt Heldanson
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 247
Height: 4’4’’
Weight: 206
Eyes: ice blue
Hair: white
Skin: pale

STR: 18
DEX: 15
CON: 17
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHR: 12

Fort: 7
Reflex: 3
Will: 4

AC: 24
Touch-AC: 12
Flat-footed AC: 20

CM Bonus: +8
CM Defense: 20
HP: 56
Initiative: +2
Speed: 20 ft

Feats, traits & flaws:

Armor Expert
Armor proficiency (heavy)(medium)(light)
Improved Shield Bash
Martial weapon proficiency – all
Shield proficiency
Simple weapon proficiency – all
Shield Focus
Step up
Tower shield proficiency
Tunnel fighter
Two weapon fighting
Weapon focus – warhammer


Full plate – 9 AC, max DEX +2, armor check -4, spell fail 35%
Quickdraw shield of bashing – +3 AC, armor check -1, spell fail 5%, bashing, shield spikes, quickdrawing
Warhammer – 1h +9 attack, 1d8
4 damage (1d8+6 using 2h)
Light Shield Bash – 1h 7 attack, 1d85 damage

Trained skills:


Special Abilities:

Armor training 1
Bravery +1
Darkvision (60 ft)
Defensive training +4
Hardy +2
Slow and Steady
Stonecunning +2




Within a clan renowned for its warriors, Hridt was a black sheep in the eyes of his family. Wanting to create items to protect his kin rather than contribute to the fighting, Hridt took up the blacksmith’s trade, specializing in the crafting of armor and shields.

Hridt’s father, the mighty warlord Heldan Bjorlin said, “There is no dishonor in the craftsman’s life yet the fire of our blood is wasted pounding steel. The son’s of Bjorlin are warriors and the sooner Hridt trades tool for weapon the safer our hold will be.”

Though Hridt and his father never shared open enmity, Heldan kept his smith of a son at a cool, albeit cordial, distance. Eager to show the worth of his labors, Hridt began constructing a shield to present to his father and clan. The rich mineral deposits of Theaduan provide ample materials and for decades Hridt worked the steel, folding, pounding and cooling it over and over until it left its bearer virtually unecumbered yet remained as hard and strong as a typical shield thrice its size.

A scant few days before Hridt was to present the shield to his father he experienced a dream. The details have long since faded from memory but the message is perfectly clear today, burned forever in Hridt’s mind:

Destory your creation or your clan will fall.

Disregarding the dream, Hridt presented the shield to his father and was praised as a master of his trade, finally gaining his father’s admiration and a place amongst his kin.

Not even a month passed before the first signs of the malady appeared amongst clan Bjorlin. What began as an odd sickness of the mind, prompting lapses in motor control and memory, quickly spread like wildfire affecting male, female, children and elders alike. It soon left all its victims in a catatonic state, unable to perform the simplest of tasks. The vast majority of the infected died within weeks of the onset, most succumbing where they last stumbled to the ground.

The most mysterious aspect of the infection, however, is that Hridt seems immune.

It did not take long for rival clans to absorb clan Bjorlin’s lands and holdings. As the only remaining member of his clan there was little Hridt could do save taking a few precious heirlooms, including his father’s suit of armor, warhammer and the shield Hridt made for him, before fleeing.

Swearing to avenge his kin Hridt finally began martial training. He wandered for decades, learning from anyone willing to teach until he was every bit the warrior his father wished him to be. Once reforged, Hridt abandoned his clan name to be known simply as Heldanson.

Hridt knows full well the shield he carries is linked somehow to the illness, though he does not believe it is the cause. Only one thing is certain; Hridt will not stop seeking until he uncovers the truth or death takes him.

Hridt Heldanson

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